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Hello July!

As promised, we are pleased to present our mid-year prototype showcase:

You can see footage of a number of things, from different player color/skin selection, to gravity-defying stunts, split-screen multiplayer, online multiplayer and… a number of bugs that we’re still working on!

The coolest thing introduced in this footage is our first attack item — the missile! In this game, we want all attacks to be useable both on-ride and off-ride. While off-ride, the missile can be a great pocket deterrent to keep others from harassing you, or a great way to get around the map quicker. While on-ride, simply line up the shot and annihilate your foes!

In the future, we may show off more standard slices of footage until we are ready for a proper “first-look” trailer intended for the general public.

We do still intend to update and make more prominent use of this blog in the future.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the early and enthusiastic ones. We love you! Thank you for your early support!