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Town of Trials™




You are here. We are setting the foundation by building out the core mechanics, including the vehicle engine, player controller, camera systems, netcode, and other things necessary for an amazing prototype.



Next year, we will be improving on our systems, building out a rich game world in the form of maps, stadium minigames, events, cosmetics in the form of character skins, and more!



Polish, polish, polish. At the end of the year, we’re aiming for a 1.0 launch! If it needs more time in the kitchen, we aren’t afraid to delay it, but it would be nice to be done in time for KAR’s 20th anniversary.


Release Platforms?

PC/Mac first, and we’ll see about other platforms after launch.

Online Multiplayer?

Yes! Matchmaking and private customizable lobbies. We are targeting support for 16 player matches.

Local Multiplayer?

Yes! 4 player local split-screen.

Input support? Can I use XYZ controller?

Full list of supported controllers here.

New ideas?

So many new ideas. The focus of this project is preserving the core gameplay loop and mechanics of City Trial, while expanding and introducing new things that don’t detract or hamper from that core experience. It’s time for a truly modern take on the formula!

Any returning rides?

We will be doing our best to port in your favorite machines, but due to engine differences, they won’t be quite 1:1. The look of the machines will also be new. You’ll feel at home, though.

Game Modes? Single player?

This is a multiplayer-centric game, with a primary focus on the Town Trial experience. Top Ride is not planned. Racing is planned. A battle royale mode is planned. Bots may not be ready in time for launch, but we want this to be enjoyable as a single player game too…


We are still talking about how we want to monetize Town of Trials to pay for things like server costs and to ensure we can keep delivering a stream of quality content post-launch. ToT will not be expensive… it may even be free… subsidizing costs through things like cosmetics.


Town of Trials is not planned to support modding. Sorry!

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