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Hello again friends!

Thank you again for following us on this long and arduous journey. It is our sincere apologies for the silence lately… if you saw our Git, you’d know we’ve been working like mad-bots.

Our team now consists of 8 core team members of hobbyists who share a strong passion for KAR and intend to deliver on a truly breathtaking tribute game to recapture the City Trial experience. We will share bits, pieces, and teasers as we continue to develop — each from our own unique perspectives.

Town of Trials now has some digital presence that you can follow where we will be publishing updates.

Official Discord:

Official Subreddit:

Official Twitter:

Official YouTube Channel:

We want to communicate with you, wherever you are!

We will be showcasing prototype footage via our YouTube channel on June 30th in the style of a short trailer that showcases a tease of our hard work. We are excited to share Poncho in motion publicly for the first time, so get subscribed and don’t miss out!